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Denis Steinemann, PhD

Denis Steinemann, PhD

Senior Research Engineer, Founder

Denis grew the VirtaMed software team from two people to its current size. This meant both hiring the right people as well as transforming development from agile but unstructured teams and processes to an organization better suited for upscaling. For the first years Denis was the principal developer for all physics-based software simulation, as well as the technical lead and main developer of all Hysteroscopy and UroS™ products.

Denis has had a significant share in bringing good research and technology from prototypes to stable products that are used all around the world. He has a PhD from the computer Graphics Laboratory at ETH Zurich, and he is an expert in physically-based simulation, computer graphics and game technology, which represent the foundations of virtual reality surgical simulators.

Denis doesn't only push boundaries during his working hours, as his freetime activities include achievements such as crossing Greenland on skis and cycling across the Alps.