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VirtaMed Board of Directors


You need good leaders if you want to grow in the right direction. VirtaMed is proud to have found a group of such experienced directors to steer the company towards new successes.

Philipp von Loeper, Chairman

Philipp von Loeper is the Chairman of the VirtaMed Board of Directors, and he is the Managing Director of family-owned holding company ACEG Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH. Born close to Cologne, Germany, von Loeper has an economics diploma from the Swiss University of Fribourg and extensive experience in managing companies across industries in Germany and Italy. He has been Member of the Supervisory Board at Eppendorf AG since 2011, and he became the Chairman of the Eppendorf board in 2016.

Philipp Schack

Philipp Schack is an operative partner at Armira, as well as the president of the advisory boards at PolyCine GmbH and business group Graf von Oeynhausen-Sierstorpff. Schack has studied business in Germany, France, and Canada, and he started his professional career in Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. Schack moved from finance to industry in the late 1990's as he took the helm in Karl Höll GmbH and later in TITAL GmbH.

Dr. Raimundo Sierra, VirtaMed CEO and Co-Founder

Since joining VirtaMed operationally in October 2014, Raimundo has been driving the development of our long-term growth strategy and guiding our transition from a start-up to an globally present company. Given his background in surgical simulation and consulting, Raimundo is involved in almost all aspects of our business, from technical questions on segmentation to marketing projects.

Previously unfamiliar with computers, Raimundo quickly discovered his passion for software, algorithms, computer vision and its application to non-engineering fields while studying at ETH Zurich. He received both his Master's and his doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the university, and his PhD thesis on variable models for surgical training simulation was an integral part of VirtaMed's birth.

As a postdoctoral researcher in Boston he worked on surgical simulation and contributed to starting VirtaMed. in 2007 he joined McKinsey and built-up his management skills as a consultant for 5 years, followed by 2 years of building and leading a Corporate Digitization unit in the agrochemical sector. In 2014 Raimundo and Stefan decided to join forces and co-lead the growth of VirtaMed. Raimundo enjoys skiing, hiking, traveling and good food.

Prof. Dr. Gábor Székely, Co-Founder

Prof. Gábor Székely was elected full Professor at the Computer Vision Laboratory of the ETH Zurich in 2002. He is Director of the NCCR Co-Me (National Centres of Competence in Research in Computer Aided and Image Guided Medical Interventions) of the Swiss National Science Foundation with an annual budget of more than CHF 10 million.

Prof. Székely initiated and led the hysteroscopy simulator project (2001-2004). His major research interest is the development of algorithms and clinical systems for the optimal computer support of medical diagnosis, therapy, training and education. He is a thought leader in the medical image analysis research community with a excellent reputation for his work in surgical simulation.