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Hysteroscopic Placement of Tubal Sterilization Implants: Virtual Reality Simulator Training


Panel P, Bajka M, Cotin S.

Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology 18 (2011) S71–S90

Study Objective

To assess face and construct validity of a new virtual reality (VR) training simulator for hysteroscopic placement of tubal sterilization implants.


Non-randomized controlled trial comparing responses and performance of novices and experts on the simulator.

Measurements and Main Results

Responses to realism, educational potential and general opinion were excellent, proving face validity. Abstracts / Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology 18 (2011) S71–S90 S79Significant differences between novices and experts were assessed for 7 of the 15 metrics analyzed, proving construct validity.


We established face and construct validity for EssureSim, an educational VR simulator for hysteroscopic tubal sterilization implant placement. The next steps are to investigate convergent and predictive validity to affirm the real capacity of transferring the skills learned on the training simulator to the patient in the operating room.

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