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Advancing Hysteroscopy Skills: Essure® Procedure Virtual Reality Simulator Training


E.H. Denison, Conceptus Inc., Mountain View, California

H.W. Schreuder, R.G. Wolswijk, J.E. Persson, I. Ihse, et al. Abstract

November 2010 Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology Vol. 17, Issue 6, Supplement, Page S193

To demonstrate the educational benefits of the Essure® Simulator among physicians seeking to enhance their in-office hysteroscopic skills. The Essure Simulator is a virtual reality-based procedural training platform developed for use on a standard laptop computer. This technology monitors, and realistically simulates, the Essure procedure and offers physicians an innovative teaching opportunity.

Minimally invasive, office-based gynecological procedures such as diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, including global endometrial ablation and hysteroscopic sterilization, are becoming preferred treatment options that require increased skills to meet patient demand and ensure positive outcomes.

The Essure Simulator was developed in conjunction with the OBGYN community to meet this need. The video will demonstrate comparability of an Essure Simulator procedure and a real-life procedure and will discuss the subsequent physician educational and training advantages derived from this technology and expected patient benefits.

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