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Grow Your Market

Increase market share by cost-effectively deploying simulation solutions that create physician brand preference for your devices

Return on investment

Your investment into medical education is a strong signal of your commitment to patient safety.

VirtaMed's solutions have been demonstrated to be more cost-effective than classical training programs, such as cadaver courses, within the first two years of use. This enables you to maximize your reach by reducing the cost of training each physician, no matter if they want to practice a procedure 2 or 200 times.

Brand preference

Equip physicians with a range of educational tools to support them, even if you cannot be there in person.

We know that lifelong learning doesn't happen in a one-off training event. That is why VirtaMed is committed to providing you with enduring digital solutions that enable physicians to continue developing their understanding of your devices and procedures.


Keeping you ahead

Training programs are not static, and you need flexible and scalable training tools to support your evolving courses.

Over half of VirtaMed's team is dedicated to creating the latest technology for medical education alongside many technology integration partnerships. We are ready to support you in creating a unique training solution, or portfolio of solutions, that will give you the edge as you grow your market share.

Case Study: Smith+Nephew

Crescent and L-shaped rotator cuff tears can be repaired using Smith+Nephew’s innovative shoulder repair solutions including HEALICOIL suture anchors, the FIRSTPASS suture passer, ULTRATAPE sutures and the MULTIFIX implant system.

As a leap forward in digital technologies for surgical training, all of Smith+Nephew’s simulators are accessible via VirtaMed’s cloud-based simulation management platform, Connect. This allows physicians to continue their training online, gaining greater understanding of the benefits of Smith+Nephew’s surgical techniques even when away from the simulator.

Simulation solutions create a positive association between your devices and their clinical application, which can be scaled without needing the expense or inconvenience of wet labs or live patients.

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